8th March 2021

So I've been working on my branding recently, alongside the marketing/social media elements of the business and have accessed support through the regional start-up programme - Launchpad. They've linked me into a great marketing Consultant, who is guiding the business through to the Kickstarter launch of my first card game this summer.

Had a great half day session with Laura (Laura Stead Marketing) this morning and having already been on one of her branding workshops recently, came up with the identity of the business, including the logo below.

If you are in the same position, starting a new business, no matter how experienced you are, I think there is always something to learn, so take every piece of advice you can and make the most of the people around you.

It can seem overwhelming with the amount of social media platforms, forums and other online engagement, so it's really important to work out what works for you and focus on that. Sites like Hootsuite have helped to simplify content publication and whilst experienced in design and photography, simplifying content creation is key to having a streamlined workflow, which programmes like Canva and Trello can help you with.