Meeples Abroad Review

2nd October 2021

Thanks To Meeples Abroad for their review of Attack of the Intergalactic Gherkins - see below and be sure to check out their Instagram for more great reviews.

Helpless astronauts have crash landed on the outer planets of a distant solar-system and are being attacked by the Intergalactic Gherkins – what a pickle! You must help the crew rebuild their ship and evade the terrifying space vegetables!

Attack if the Intergalactic Gherkins is an adventure card game for 2-6 players. Each player starts with a hand of 4 cards, and starts their turn by drawing from the deck. They may play any number of cards from their hand, each bringing rise to a special event, often helping their cause or hindering another player. Some cards let the player hop on to the next planet, where they acquire the spare parts they need to fix their ship.

Players race to be the first to collect four spare parts, before they send their spaceship toward the sun to slingshot their way back to their own galaxy. But players are always keeping an eye out for those slimy green menaces which wreak havoc with plans, destroying the good work you have carried out on the ship.

Attack of the Intergalactic Gherkins is a super fun card game that can be picked up in no time at all. The light-hearted theme and portable box make it a perfect game to take out and about when playing with new people. The artwork is comical and every card includes some witty remark - it sure adds a new dimension to space games!