13th March 2021

So with the branding almost complete and social channels now ready to go, it's time to look at a home studio set-up to build all that content that I will be sharing.

As I used to run a photography business, I still had some of the old gear that I used to use then, although much of that I had sold when I closed the business. So armed with an array of umbrellas and tripods, I set off to find a location where I could photograph the physical parts of the card game as it develops, but also video me! It soon became apparent that finding the right space, meant getting more flexible lighting.

Now at this point, most sensible people would probably turn to Amazon to buy a custom setup, but with the increase in prices following C19 and Brexit, and knowing that I already have (like you do) a reel of LED strip, 12v AC adaptor and some mirrored acrylic, I set off to the shed to do a spot of soldering!

An hour or two later and this was the result - it's ideal to hang from the ceiling and gives a perfect amount of light, once diffused with some white polyester sheet. Maybe not the most professional looking set-up, but works a treat and used up some of the 'To Do' project resources I have filling the shed.