World Book Day!

4th March 2021

So this is my first blog and I'm so excited to be sharing some of my journey, starting a new business in tabletop game design and publishing.

Work has been varied over the years (from property development to business support), but I'm now looking forward to using the knowledge gained and design skills learnt to develop a number of fun, card and board games that should appeal to a wide range of people - families and enthusiasts alike.

I'm going to try to keep the text to a minimum and share some of the design work I've done in my spare time over the past decade, including interior design items, furniture, campervans, but most of all the thing that led me to where I am today, game design!

I just love the tactile nature of traditional games, which led me to build a Shove Ha'penny Board, Bagatelle set and even a Tri-Dimensional Chess Set. I'll showcase those in another blog, but as it has just been world book day, I will start by showing you a bookcase I made for my son a few years ago.

At the time he was about seven and like many kids (old and young) was into Harry Potter. He'd asked for the books for Christmas. Not missing an opportunity, I jumped at the chance to get onto Sketchup to design a Hogwarts themed case, using 3mm oak-veneered mdf. Using Sketchup really allows you to visualise the end product and make sure that everything fits together perfectly before you start cutting. A simple plugin allowed me to export the 3d shapes as 2D images into Inkscape and then export those out to my 50w laser cutter. I'll show you that in a later post (and when I've had time to tidy the shed!).

The end result looked great and the etching of the house 'shields' added a great finishing touch. So here it is below - I hope you like it. Over time I'll show some more of my design work, and then onto my first game, as that starts to take shape!