In Pugly Pirates, you play a dog-pirate Captain searching for success on the islands surrounding the infamous Paw't St. Bernard (PSB), a hive of Mutts & Mongrels!


Bury Treasure (bones), Challenge & Mark Your Territory to gain points and achieve victory.


Use movement points to travel between islands and explore these for resources and rewards, but watch out for hazards that will test your pack's 'traits', as well as opportunities that you can take advantage of.


Ship cards are used to carry resources from the islands as well as items and 'Muttley Crueples'. Managing your cargo is crucial in securing Victory! You can upgrade your ship at Paw't St. Bernard to carry more cargo.


Resources are sold for bones that can be buried to achieve a Victory Condition, or exchanged for upgrades that will add to your pack's strength, luck or agility traits.

Expand your pack by hiring 'Muttley Crueples', dog-pirates that will increase your movement as well as Mark Territory on islands, another Victory Condition.

Don't forget that you can always add a little extra deterrent to an island by placing a doggy-doo trap - the results are less than pleasant!


Puglies love a challenge, and will draw on their breed's traits to overcome opponents as well as Trade Ships that appear at random across the map.

Challenges can be resolved via a simple dice roll combined with your chosen 'trait' or one of the various mini-games including the legendary dog-pirate dice game 'One-eyed Wolfhound'.

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