Voids is a fast-paced card game where memory and quick thinking win the day!

Collect matter from the far corners of the Galaxy and fill the Wormhole at the centre before the ever increasing Voids consume the board!

Play solo, as a team or in competitive mode to collect cards and bridge, boost and warp your way to victory.

A good memory will help you find the cards you need, but with a limited hand, will you play it safe or push your luck? The more cards you play, the more Voids choose your path wisely!

Voids funded on Kickstarter in December '22 and will be available to buy from March/April '23.


Based around the infamous 'Paw't St. Bernard, Pugly Pirates allows you to take your Captain and build a pack, upgrade your ship, explore islands and challenge opponents to become the most successful dog-pirate on the high seas!

The game is for ages 10+, with varying difficulty and victory conditions in order to offer accessibility for families and a challenge for hardened gamers alike.

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