stealthy space skills mini expansion

WHAT's IN THE pack?

The Stealthy Space Skills mini Expansion consists of 6 cards that can be used to enhance gameplay. 

Each player is dealt one of the cards face-down (that's why they are stealthy) and only they get to see the card until it is played for the first time. Any unused cards are returned face-down to the box without anyone seeing them.

Once played, the card is turned face-up on the table in front of the player for all to see.

Each card has an asymmetric skill that can be used once or more per game. If the card can only be used once, then it is removed to the box once played, otherwise it stays on the table face-up.

All Stealthy Space Skills cards are played on your turn or when you are affected by another player's action card -  no you can't go moving a Ship Parts card when someone is about to pick it up on their turn!

The cards give each player a small advantage, which may be best played early on, or perhaps kept a secret until you need it most at the end of the game. Can you work out which Skills others have by deduction or will you get a nasty surprise when you least expect it? It's up to you to decide which strategy you use and when to combine Skills with your hand to play advanced card combos!