For too long the Great Mystic Goats of Bleakbleat have sat by as evil claimed their land. Their beloved forest has been turned into a dark haunted place where only terrifying Ghoats roam and now the unthinkable has happened...Billy the Kid has been lost, swallowed up by the forest! 

As a powerful Mystic Goat, you must use your psychic powers to enter Bleakbleat Forest, find the clues left by Billy and be the first to rescue him. You can only hope he has found the one remaining Glade in the centre of the forest to shelter in!

The forest is filled with Ghoats, making your task even more difficult, but there are still pockets of light within the forest. Seek out the psychic saplings to recharge your mystic powers and dispel the darkness to reclaim what forest you can for your herd!