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Voids is a fast-paced card game where quick thinking wins the day!

Collect matter from the far corners of the Galaxy and fill the Wormhole at the centre before the ever increasing Voids consume the board! Play solo, as a team or in competitive mode to collect cards and bridge, boost and warp your way to victory. A good memory will help you find the cards you need, but with a limited hand, will you play it safe or push your luck?  The more cards you play, the more Voids choose your path wisely!

The Game Board & Set-up

In Voids, the board is made up of the game cards that you collect during movement. Each card may offer an advantage or disadvantage, but the more cards you play, the more void spaces appear in the board, making it more difficult for the other players to achieve their goal. So use this to your advantage, but make sure not to hinder yourself as well as your opponents! 

The Wormhole card is placed in the centre of a 7x7 card grid, with the coloured Matter Pool Cards stacked in the corners. The Game Cards make up the other squares.

Game Overview (Competitive)

Take it in turns to move your Player Marker one square towards the Matter Pool Cards in the corners of the board. Collect three different colours of Matter Pool Cards and return to the Wormhole to win. Movement cannot be made diagonally.

You must pick up the Game Card you land on when moving onto a square, if one is present. Only two Game Cards can be held at any time. 

One or both cards held in your hand can be played, one at a time at the beginning of your turn before moving. Movement cards are placed face down into the space left as you move your Player Marker Card. These should be showed to the other players first. Playing cards will mean more void spaces appearing, so be careful! 

A card from your hand should be placed face-down in the void space left by your last movement if you have more than two cards following a pick up. If a card cannot be placed (on Matter Pool, Wormhole Cards etc.), it is discarded to the box.

Slow opponents with Dark/Light, use Matter Bridges to cross the appearing void spaces and use the strange gravity effects to Warp & Boost your way to victory!


 Players start here. Return once all Matter is collected. No cards can be played onto the Wormhole, but players can move across it.

Player Marker

 Use this to mark your position on the board. Players can occupy the same square and move through one another.

Matter Pool

 Located in the four corners of the board with four different colours. Players move onto these in order to collect them. Game Cards played onto the Matter Pool Cards are discarded to the box. 


Use these to fill void spaces blocking your path. Play face-down in the void space ahead of you and move over the Matter Bridge Card to any other side.


Move an extra square before picking up a card. Place the card face down in the void space created as you move. Move only one square when entering a void space.


Move in a straight line until stopped (edges, void spaces etc.). Place the card face down in the void space created as you move.

Dark & Light

Place the card face-up on a face-down Game Card anywhere on the board to block an opponents path and access to the card beneath.  Remove the card by playing the opposite card onto it. Both cards are then discarded to the box.


Void cards immediately create a Void Space and are removed from the game. This does not immediately affect the player on the square, but will affect players entering the square in future.